Accomplishments! (Warning Picture Heavy)

Well it all started out on Saturday. I went to school to get some things done. Was hoping to only stay 2 hours...was there 4 and still brought home work to do. But, I did accomplish things at school and then had a lazy day yesterday. Today I got several things accomplished at home. But, the most important thing I did today was to get creative. Although, it was not for myself...I helped out a friend get things ready for her parent's 70th wedding anniversary party. I was so excited to be able to help her and show her how the cricut machine worked. She has been wanting a long time to see it in action. Was very happy we could get together and show her how all it 

Before Pictures at School


After Pictures At School: Lesson Plans Done and Papers Ready to Copy!


What needed to get accomplished at home!

After!! So glad to have this done!

I know this one does not look completely done and it is not, but my friend arrived and I did not have any more time to work on this. But progress is being made! And for that I am thankful.


  1. WOW!!! Looks like you had a very busy weekend. Isn't it great when you get things Accomplished

  2. You've been successful at clearing decks, haven't you. Congrats on that - your progress is clearly captured in those snaps.

  3. Thanks so much feels great to be getting things done!

  4. If only you could send some of that drive over to me. I have plenty of cluttered spots that could use clearing!


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