we really want it?

Warning! This post is going to be very general and may not make sense cause I tend to ramble when something is weighing really heavy on my mind! this something I am ready to totally embrace? I hope so. I am nervous, anxious, yet hopeful at the same time. Many things in my life have affected me a great deal recently. So much so that I feel I need to act on the change and desire that has been growing for the last 3 years. However, do I really want this? I guess you never know if something you really want badly is exactly what you need or want until you actually do it, right? How does someone totally make a huge change in their life without fear, fear that you are not going to actually like what you are doing, fear of the unknown, and fear of doing without. Well, the one thing I know that I do need to do is to bathe myself in prayer and really face the fears realistically. Trust that those that are standing beside me and telling me it is okay are really being sincere.

So friends, I embark on the next few months of facing those fears, praying, and trying to come to a decision that will make a huge change in my life!

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  1. If there is one thing I know about you is that YOU can handle change! You have gone through so many BIG changes in your life and have so many accomplishments! Just a few that I remember are...Directing MDO, moving to Apopka, being a Camp Councelor, moving to Inverness, going to college at an "older" age, starting a scrapbooking company and becoming a Teacher just to mention a few! I will pray for you as you consider this change but just remember that YOU have touched many lives over the years (including mine). YOU are better at change than anyone I know!


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