Crazy, Busy Day!!

Well it does not seem to end. School on a Muesday is yucky!!! It is really Tuesday but feels like Monday and then on top of that you have to start out the day with a meeting. That is 2 weeks in a row now we have had a meeting on the first day at school for the week. What a rough start to the day. Then what could go wrong today did...but on a positive note tomorrow is another day and one day closer to the weekend. I am soooo ready for this school year to be over so please forgive me if I dream (out loud sometimes) for the weekend/spring break/days off/ last day of school to get here sooner.

In fact, I am working toward something that I cannot really say publically yet but just keep me in your thoughts that all will work out.

Until Later,


  1. I so wish I had summer vacation to look forward to!!! Hope the rest of the school year flies by.
    Can’t wait to hear what is in the works for you!

  2. Good luck, Teresa. I know it's been a trying school year for you. I hope the thing you have in the works, works!


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