Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy, Busy Day!!

Well it does not seem to end. School on a Muesday is yucky!!! It is really Tuesday but feels like Monday and then on top of that you have to start out the day with a meeting. That is 2 weeks in a row now we have had a meeting on the first day at school for the week. What a rough start to the day. Then what could go wrong today did...but on a positive note tomorrow is another day and one day closer to the weekend. I am soooo ready for this school year to be over so please forgive me if I dream (out loud sometimes) for the weekend/spring break/days off/ last day of school to get here sooner.

In fact, I am working toward something that I cannot really say publically yet but just keep me in your thoughts that all will work out.

Until Later,


LisaB said...

I so wish I had summer vacation to look forward to!!! Hope the rest of the school year flies by.
Can’t wait to hear what is in the works for you!

Carole P said...

Good luck, Teresa. I know it's been a trying school year for you. I hope the thing you have in the works, works!

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