Good Morning to all those who actually are reading this! I just wanted to give an update on what is happening around here this weekend. I HAVE to go to school this morning cause mainly I just was pooped yesterday afternoon. I only have a little bit to do so hopefully it won't be for very long. Then, thought I might ride up to the new cupcake place and check it out! I have three things other than that I need to accomplish at my house.

  1. Clean a corner in my bedroom and tear out Chapter 3 from student math books.
  2. Clean two baskets out that are sitting in the hallway by my craftroom door.
  3. Do laundry.
I also would like to back up my pics on my hard drive haven't done that in  way too long. Sometime in that window I also need to clean the kitchen and get the broccoli cheese soup going that we are having for dinner tonight. And, I also would like to come up with a posting plan for this blog! So we will see if I stay motivated and it all gets done. 

Until Later,

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  1. Sounds like you weekend was very busy! Hopefully you got everything done that you need to!


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