Home Early and Relaxing!

Whew! What a Monday! A 2 hour meeting first thing this morning. Trying to get ready for the sub, get things ready for students to walk in the door, and get ready for my volunteer...all before 8:15. And I am not required to even get there until 8:10. What other job requires you to be so on the ball and on top of things and prepare, off the clock? I know, I know, I chose this profession but sometimes things are just rough on a body you know?

So, 4:15 rolled around and I decided I am out of here...got home...cooked a fabulous dinner. Baked Spaghetti, a Paula Deen recipe. I took some shortcuts and used jar sauce instead of making it from scratch but followed the rest of the recipe. It was yummy!!! In fact, both hubby and I thought it was better than regular spaghetti. Of course, I have never been good at making spaghetti so that might be why! LOL!
not my picture, from Paula Deen's website!

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  1. Sounds like a crazy busy day for you! Dinner sounds good, might have to check out that recipe.


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