Retail Goodness!!

Well for today I have some retail goodness to share with you. My sweet hubby bought me stuff at Kohl's over the holidays and he gave me $60 in Kohl's cash. Well it expires on January 2nd so we decided to go spend it today. Not really sure what I wanted to buy we searched the store and looked around at lots of stuff. One of the things I asked for Christmas was a cupcake carrier and he had not been able to find one. We found one and then he began looking around for something else to get me. I ended up getting a relaxing outfit...comfy clothes for the weekend, and then a really cute pair of jeans and a sparkly shirt. 

My really cute jeans and sparkly shirt

Cannot wait to wear this comfy outfit next weekend.

My new cupcake carrier! Carrying cupcakes to a location will be a dream!

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