Today's Progress

I got so much accomplished today. Cooked a good breakfast, then got busy taking Christmas decorations down. Picked up around here, did some computer clean-up and postings that I needed to do. Was able to take a nap...was so tired today. Cooked dinner, tacos, not my favorite but hubby was sure happy. Even cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, not something I usually do every single night, but something I want to change and make sure is done nightly.  I did go out a few minutes today as I needed to get some batteries for my hubby. As I was driving home from the store this dawned on me. The next few months are sure going to be nice, nothing planned on weekends. I realized these past few months have been extremely busy...September every single weekend was filled with scrapbook house business. October, football season was still in swing, I went away one weekend, then Brent and I went away another. November, cropping with a great group of people, then holiday things. December, I was away for a whole week, then the holidays. Whew, when I realized all of this no wonder I have been so tired. So, for the sake of needing to slow down my life and focus on my home, family, and things that should be close to your heart I am not planning anything for the next 3 months. So for now the rest of this evening is going to be spent relaxing on the couch!

Until Later,

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  1. Sounds like a great Plan! Sometimes you need a break


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