A Very Accomplished Feeling!

I am feeling oh so ever ecstatic!! My lesson plans for next week are finished...all I have to do is copy them this morning. My newsletter is complete...just copy and stuff in mailboxes. My center activities for next 2 weeks are almost complete. My lesson plans for the following week will be done by the end of this weekend...mainly cause my hubby has to work on Saturday so I think I will spend a little time on it not much though. I have even started planning Math centers that will begin on Feb. 13. I plan math centers for a 14 day rotation and have 12 math centers so it takes a lot of preparation to get them all together. Last rotation I was so struggling with getting it all done that I did not even start on time. So this time I plan to be on the ball!! Anyhow, this has been a very good week...200% better than last week. Have a fantastic Friday everyone, I know I am!

Until Later,

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  1. Im Glad this week was better for you! Enjoy your weekend


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