Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yesterday's Goodness!

Well, I missed posting yesterday, but it was for a really good reason...instead of procrastinating and not doing what I should have been doing I was working on an online class I am taking. The class ends the 4th of January and I had 4 more sessions to do as of yesterday morning. So I knew I had to MAKE myself do at least 2 sessions. Well, I was able to do one while at school and then did the next one last night (instead of a blog posting).

All in all yesterday was a really good day. School was real good. No complaints there.  Hubby and I went to dinner at the kids house and were able to see the grandkids...and I didn't have to cook on my first day back to work! Came home, did my class session and then went to bed early. Nothing too exciting but started a few new routines to help make the morning easier.

Until later, Teresa


LisaB said...

Keep up the good work!!!

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