Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting Crafty!

My friend Carole and I challenged each other to do something crafty this weekend. Well I am ususally a woman of my word and when I tell someone I am going to do something typically I keep to my word. I did not get a whole lot of time...Saturday I helped a friend all afternoon with stuff for her parent's 70th wedding anniversary party. I have been so glad to help her out. It was dinner time by the time we finished...then today we went to have breakfast at my daughter's, home for a nap, then to the grocery store, then dinner...NO wonder weekends go so fast. Well I decided after dinner to go in my craft room and get busy creating. So, here is what I created...I decided to use up some things that have been sitting in my stash forever!



LisaB said...

What a great Layout!!

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