A Movie Critique

A few weeks ago my hubby and I watched "The Hangover" on television. It was an okay movie, funny, not too deep. Well last night we wanted to watch a movie so as I was scrolling through the movie lineups I came across "The Hangover, Part II" so we decided to watch this one. So, I would like to critique the two movies.

The Hangover: Although an adult type movie definitely it is funny, and light. Adult humor is definitely included, however it is funny and not tense and raunchy like in the sequel. I give this movie:

The Hangover, Part II: This started out looking like it would be very funny and okay just like the first one. However it quickly took a left turn and did not recover. The adult humor was raunchy, the scenes where the guys were looking for the lost brother intense and not funny at all. It was even very grotesque in places. I give this movie:


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