The Taco Bell Experience....

       Well, here in my little 'ole town the tearing down of the old Taco Bell and the rebuilding of it right in the same location was a really big deal. There are people who really, really missed their Taco Bell fix. Me, not so much!! Well after about 80 something days the new Taco Bell opened last week. On the day it opened there were like 9876543210 people in line to either get in or go through the drive through. Well, tonight I decided to bring some Taco Bell home for dinner...what a mistake!! First, I pulled in from the side street thinking I could get to the drive-through line (which had about 3 dozen people in line) but I could not get maneuvered around to get into position to pull into the lane. So, I decided to park and go in. Okay...but the inside was about as big as the inside of a matchbox and there were people everywhere. There were not any markings for the was a big confusing mess as to where you needed to be to order. Then, after you placed your order to go to the drink machine and then get the lid and straw for your cup you must cross over your elbow and then climb back around under your thumb to go get your condiments. Then there was the crazy menu...hubby said bring home that taco pack...well there are two different ones...both have crunchy tacos... one was 12 for $10 and the other was 10 for $10...wait that is about crazy....but on the 10 one you could mix up what you wanted with other stuff!! So I get home only to discover that because I went in and ordered I should have gotten my own condiments cause they did not put any in the box, bag or even offer. Taco Bell I just don't think it is a match made in heaven and you and I may not see each other for quite some time.

  This is representative of the Taco Bell in our town. Note: not the actual building here in ..... FL.


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