Getting So Very Excited....

I have so many things to look forward to...I am so very excited about many things. God is so good and I get to be the beneficiary of His goodness. So the things I am looking forward to you may ask?

  1. There are only 34 days of school left but...I really only have 29 cause I get to go see this beautiful young lady get married...

Christa (my cousin's beautiful baby) and her honey

  2. I get to go to Cocoa Beach the week after school is out and spend 5 whole days at this lovely hotel with
      my good friends Daphne and Heidi scrapping and lounging by the pool and beach.

The pool....cannot wait!!


3. Design Team....I have and am applying for several design teams and I am just beyond myself with
    excitement about them. I am hoping, hoping I will at least make one of them...but regardless I will enjoy
    following and taking part in the challenges and such of these new found places.

4. Lastly, and the most at the moment thing to be excited about is my new blog design. I am thinking it will go live pretty soon. The amazingly talented Sheila over at Blog Designs by Sheila has done a fantastic job and I just cannot wait for it to be installed. So if you are in the market for a blog design...check her out she is great to work with and very reasonably priced.

So, those are the big things in my life that are happening right now. What is happening in your life?


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