I Don't Pin these Recipes for Nothing!

Well, we had another winner recipe for dinner thanks to my Pinterest Obsession. I have spent lots of time on Pinterest pinning recipes and categorizing them for various boards. I like to be able to find EXACTLY what I am looking for so my boards on Pinterest are very specific...Entrees, Side Dishes, Desserts, Cupcakes (they get their own board), breakfast, I even have a soup board. I even like to make notes as to when I plan to use the recipe in the comment section when I pin it. If you would like to check out my Pinterest boards just click on the P on the flag banner over on the left side.  Anyway I digress...sorry.

Tonight we had two of the recipes I had pinned recently. I had planned to have these for Sunday dinner a couple weeks ago but for some reason or another we never had it so tonight was the night for it. I was off work today and had the energy to cook up some yummy food for us tonight.

I cooked Shrimp and Grits and this great little salad (Tomato/Cucumber Salad) I thought would be a good choice for a side. Well unless you have a super picky hubby it would be fabulous. His comment was...."I would rather have just plain cucumbers sliced in vinegar and sliced tomatoes....without all that onion." Sometimes I just wish I could make whatever I want without having to think about will he like it. But really I would not have it any other way. I love pleasing my husband with food and 99% of the time do think about him and what he would like or not like.

I browse lots of different sites looking for recipes and am usually not original myself at creating recipes. So, I always want to give credit where I get them from. The Shrimp and Grits came from here. And the tomato/cucumber salad from this site. Have fun browsing and I hope I have inspired you to cook up something yummy for your hubby.

All was really delicious!


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