Tonight's Dinner...a sneak peak at Menus and Recipes to come.

So I thought I would give you a little sneak peak at the recipes and tonight's dinner menu so you can have a hint of what is to come each week.

Critique of Recipes and Comments from the Fam!

The Italian Cream Chicken calls for Corn Flakes. Well at our house we don't eat plain corn flakes but we do eat Ritz Crackers so I substituted crushed Ritz Crackers for the coating on the chicken. Fabulous!! Okay...I struggle with making too much food for just my hubby and I. Tonight it so happened that my son came over for dinner due to his wifey being out of town. So, I fed 3 tonight. Well, I still took the sauce recipe and cut it in half and it was more than plenty for us + 2 servings left over...lunch for both hubby and I tomorrow. Comments: Everyone loved it!!!

The Zucchini Parm crisps could have been a bit crisper! The recipe said to bake them for 22-27 minutes and I took them out at 23 minutes...and the oven was set at the recipe instruction of 400. Well, I definitely would leave them in for the whole 27 min. and would amp up the temp of the oven to 425. Comments: I loved them although a bit crisper would have been nice. Son liked them okay. Hubby: "We have been married 37 years and when have you ever known me to eat zucchini?" So, he wasn't a fan of them.

Thursday Night Dinner

Italian Cream Chicken

Parmesan Zucchini Crisps

I love this blog...Jamie has so many wonderful recipes!!
Take a few minutes after viewing the recipe to take a look around!
Note: not my photo....taken from Jamie's blog. We did not have asparagus with dinner tonight!

zucchini parmesan crisps
Recipe Here
Note: Again, no my photo!

Tune in next Monday for next week's menu!

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  1. Try the zucchini tots..he might like those!


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