Menu Mondays:Critique/Recipe Update

Here is my update with recipe links posted and a critique of each night's meal. I will use a different color text below the days of the week for that day's critique. I hope this gives you some inspiration!! Please leave me some comments and feedback on what you like and would like to see in the future!

Well as promised here is the menu for this week! Now, since this is my first total week posting of the weekly menu I want to make a disclaimer...often times things do not go as planned here at the Russell household and  daily menus get bumped due to unforeseen events happening. Most of the time those things include either an unplanned going out to eat (which has seriously been cut back lately) or getting invited over to the kid's houses to eat...which does happen quite frequently!! So without further adieu here is what the Russell's are eating this week!

Ore Ida Grillers
The burgers were not as good as they could have been cause they were not cooked on the grill. I do believe cooking them on the grill they would have been fantastic! My hubby absolutely LOVED the pea salad. This is something I thought he might not have liked.

(not sure what the hubs is eating, cause, daughter and I and 2 of her kiddos are going to the Fireworks in the park and having a picnic supper) MEN! sometimes they are such party poopers!!

Brownies w/4th of July Sprinkles
*Raspberry Lime Rickey
Had a really nice time in the park. The fireworks were fantastic and the kids loved it. Chicken salad was just not to my liking, will not make that again. Summer Corn salad was fabulous!! And the beverage...lots of work, but well worth it!!

Wednesday: 4th of July
BBQ Chicken
Corn on the Cob
Red Velvet Cupcakes 4th of July Style
*Patriotic Pound Cake Trifle
The macaroni salad was the hit of the cookout!!! Everyone...well almost everyone...1 person picked out the celery...loved it. And my daughter made the pound cake trifle it was beautiful! Picture below!

Chicken Caesar Salad
*Cheesy Bread
Bread was great!

*Lemon Delight
First time ever making sloppy joes from were super!!! Will definitely use this recipe again. Second time I made the fries and not sure what I did wrong this time but they were so much better the first time I made them. Well worth your time though!

Hawaiian Pizza
*Spinach Salad
Pecan Pie (store bought)
 mainly cause it was on sale and I could not make it for that price
Jamie has a great food blog! Love her recipes and this spinach salad is fabulous!!

Garlic Mashed Potatoes Rice w/gravy
Green Bean Casserole
*Southern Peach Cobbler w/Vanilla Ice Cream
We needed some comfort food on this lazy Sunday afternoon and I needed a break from using so many recipes. LOL! We had leftover Pecan Pie so we will have peach cobbler later this week.

**Critiques with Recipe Links will always be posted the next Monday as an update to this same post.
**Starred Menu Items will have a recipe link.


  1. I started reading this in my email and said to myself we are having the same exact thing for fourth of July!! Then I realized I was reading your blog LOL! Guess I should pay more attention when I open my emails :) and Sundays dinner sounds like we need an invite ;) luv u!

  2. Consider yourself invited!! Love you too!!

  3. Wow have become quite the cook! That's a lot of cookin' for one week. Sounds good! I see a few I'd like to try - spinach salad, macaroni salad and Amanda's pound cake trifle looks great! I'll have to go check out this weeks menu!


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