Menus for the past couple of nights!

Here are the past couple night's menus...I will be glad to get back on track tomorrow with the Monday Menu posts...I will also be glad to get back on track with my cleaning schedule. I did so good the month of June and then life got really busy with the grandkids and summer and well I kind of fell off the wagon (the cleaning one that is). So, my schedule will pick up pace and get back to normal tomorrow...I will post my daily/weekly schedule another day this week. So here are the menus for Saturday and Sunday.


Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps note: when I make these again I will leave out the lettuce, cause warm lettuce just turns me off. Also when I told my hubby what was for dinner he was not exactly thrilled but ended up loving them.
Home made french fries: I cut up a potato into small strips and deep fried in my fryer (a cost cutting dish) *upcoming post later this week about this


Chili Slaw Dogs: there is nothing better to this Southern girl than a hot dog with chili and homemade slaw on top!! YUMMY!
Baked Beans: (another cost cutting dish)
Peach Praline Cobbler: this was delicious

And for my hubby's breakfast break snack he takes to work all week I made this today

Banana Bread

And to all of you I hope you make something yummy for your loved ones this week!

Monday Menu posts will resume tomorrow!!


  1. I am so tired of making the same old meals. Just looking for some new ideas. I am not a bloggy person. I'm sure you already know that! Do you post all your menus? Not sure where to look. I have never looked at pintrest. Yes, I am a dinosaur. Guess I'll give it a peek. Love you! :-) Donna

  2. Donna,
    If you click on the P button on the lefthand side at the top that will take you to my Pinterest page and you can "follow" me (all of my boards) or just those that interest you. I post the menu for each week on Mondays, then before I post the new menu I edit last week's menu to critique the meals and link up the recipes ...if you click on the banner at the top left that says "My Domestic Side" it will bring up all the menu posts and anything else that might have that label. Pinterest is absolutely wonderful!! Love you too! We need to get together and go to lunch soon! Teresa


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