My Story and Lessons Learned

I was inspired this week to share a little bit more about myself and the story I have to tell. I have been home this week recovering from knee surgery.  When you are home with nothing much to do you think, and I am pretty good at thinking about things. Well earlier this week I came across a post on a blog I follow My Pink Stamper that totally motivated me to want to share my story.
Well, I have always felt in my life like I was not content and always wanted the next big thing to come along..if only we lived in the country...we did...if only I could go to college...I did when my youngest was in first grade...if only we could have a house...we did and lost our place in the country where we lived in an ideal location but a doublewide mobile home...I got what I wanted...not by choice but got it anyways...if only I had a teaching job...I got one again not ideal cause I traveled over an hour and a half one way to get there...if only I could go to Seminary...moved the whole family for a time in NC to spend 2 years getting a Master's Degree in Christian education...if only I could move back to FL cause my first grandchild was about to be born...if only we could live in the same town cause we don't get to see him often enough...if only I could find another teaching job closer to home...if only I could open a Scrapbook was a long 4 and a 1/2 years but a great ride...if only I could be a SAHW! AHHH, I have finally arrived!!!

Okay you might think, wow this woman wants, wants,, wait a minute. Those ifs are the events of my adult life, well some of them. And they all represent a time in our lives. Don't take me the wrong way each of those ifs were well bathed with prayer and thought about long and hard before the plan was set in motion to tackle each one of those events.So although I do feel they are a bi-product of me being a discontent kind of person, they were designed for me I do believe.

Well fast forward through all those paths in my life to the one I am currently ensconced within. After a very disconcerting year teaching kindergarten I felt as if I needed to take the big step of being home for my family. Now some might think, "Wow, you have an empty nest. There is no one at home but your husband." Well my answer to that would be I so want to take care of the man that indulged all of my discontentness throughout the years AND I have 7 grandchildren that are growing by leaps and bounds...time is in triple beat with them. So, my dream and desire to be home to watch them grow, be totally immersed in their lives, and take care of my sweet hubby's needs has come to fruition. AND I could not be more content! I have never been more happy and content in my entire life!!!

So, I want to leave you, my readers, with this thought. Live in the moment and love each one...don't be always looking for the next thing or milestone to come along. Don't wish away the present, live in it!!

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  1. GREAT insight!! I so agree with what you have been shown! Our Beloved Beter Halves do deserve some one-on-one special taking care of at this point in their and our lives!!
    So Happy to se how God is putting it all together for you and your family! It reminds me of the verse in Isaiah 50:10 and 11; you are the fire that MANY refresh their fires from!


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