Our Youngest Grandson turns 2!!

How is it that the past two years have just flown by? Our youngest grandchild turned 2 last week and we were thrilled to be able to not only go to the beach last weekend...something that would not have been possible for this once grandma teacher...but being so blessed to be a SAHW/grandma this year we were able to go and totally enjoy! Pictures of that trip coming later! Anyhow on his actual birthday we went over for dinner and had cake! We totally love being with all of our grandchildren and are so blessed to be part of their lives. Enjoy his birthday through the cute sights of these adorable pictures!

Trevor blowing out the candles on his candy cake.
This kid loves candy, but he gets it honestly from his dad.
Trevor striking a pose!
Isn't he a cutie?

I found out he loves to play in the water.
We got in the sink to get all clean.

He needed some glasses so he could show off!!

Trevor had these little wolf ears.
He was hilarious showing us how a wolf howls!

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