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Every Thursday I will be bringing to you cost cutting tips you can implement within your household budget. Since becoming a SAHW I have had to cut down on our spending. One of those ways I have done that is to shop the sales ad. So my first cost cutting tip I would like to share with you is my recent grocery shopping trip.

I have the time now so I grocery shop at 2 different stores and I shop the sales. One of the stores has awesome B1G1 on meats all the time! So I plan my meals around the sale ads. Well last week there was a fabulous sale and I was able to really stock up. Check out my list below.

Ground Beef was $2.49lb...I bought two 5 lb packages which = 8 meals
*B1G1 Pork Chops=2 meals
B1G1 Chicken Legs, Thighs, and Quarters=4 meals
B1G1 Bags of frozen Shrimp=4 meals
Marked Down Cube Steak=1 meal
B1G1 Hot Dogs=2 meals
Roast Beef 1lb package=2 meals

So last week with that and other groceries I spent 167.00 and had enough meats for 23 those meals for the 2 of us typically also covers my hubby's lunch for the next day. I also had 3 other meals leftover in the freezer.

I was very excited to add up the total cost of all the meats I bought at the grocery store to discover that the meat cost for each meal was only $2.77...WOW!! Something that is very exciting to me since I really have to cut costs in the area of groceries!

*I always try my best to get both packages of B1G1 the same price so I get more for my money that way.

Tune in next week for another Thursday's Thrifty Tips!

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