Monday Menus: 9/24-9/25*

This is a very shortened week's menu cause I leave for Oregon bright and early on Wednesday morning. I will be gone for 10 days so I may not be updating my blog...but then again I may pop in and put up some things. I will not be however posting any of my regular postings while I am gone. Thanks for always taking the time to read what I post! I sure am appreciative of you giving of your time to read and follow my blog!

Monday: Pinterest Cooking Day!!
*Salisbury Steak w/Caramelized Onion Gravy
*Butter Herb Mashed Potatoes
*Broccoli Casserole
*Pea Salad
*Peach Crisp w/ Maple Cream

Homemade Beanie Weanies

Trying, Trying, Trying....

I am so working on trying to still change some things in my life. I saw this quote today on Facebook and it caught my attention. So here's to a new week and some changes coming on!!

Thursday's Thrifty Tips

Oh I have nothing really profound today. But wanted to post something about thrifty shopping and buying things you do not usually buy. Recently I bought a very large package of chicken legs and chicken thighs see post here to see the amazing results of my cost cutting, thrifty shopping, sale shopping grocery trip that week. Well it  turns out that try as I might to save some money my hubby and I plain do not like dark meat chicken...thighs and legs are just not our thing. So lesson learned, when you are buying and trying to save money don't sacrifice what you know you love just to save some money because...well because that ends up just wasting it!

How can you save some money today?

Bread Making 101

First off a little about me...I was never totally a SAHM when my kids were little....I worked when the two oldest were little. Then, after my 3rd child came along I really wanted to be home with her and was but pretty soon the need for a little extra income took over and I went to work part-time 2 days a week. I never got into all the things that homemaking is all, baking, spotless cleaning, organization. Oh and I did have girlfriends that I envied. I did manage to keep the house manageable, laundry done, take care of the kids, and put dinner on the table every night. I tell you this to say I have not ever really been to homemaker type...but God does work on a person's heart and change the desires of a person. I am so into being a homemaker with all of the aspects that go with it now! So with it comes new adventures. I recently talked to my daughter and suggested we have a bread making day a week. So, last week we had our first! I have never in my life made bread from scratch! I have made banana bread and such but never made bread using yeast. I was very excited for this adventure. So last week we made Cinnamon Raisin Bread  and yeast rolls... recipe for those my daughter had. The only critique I would say about the Cinnamon Raisin Bread is that it definitely needed more cinnamon. We had a really great time making bread together and I am so glad that it will become a weekly adventure.
                                                   Lane helping with the mixing
                                                    of the Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Helping with the yeast 

Enough yeast rolls for 6 meals!!
Kneading the dough
I realize I should have taken pictures of the finished product but, I will remember to today. This week we are baking Pumpkin Bread and White Amish Bread. Look for next Wednesday's post about this week's adventures...we are not using the bread machine at all this week so this should be interesting.

And the Winner is....

We Have A Winner!
The winner of my Blog Candy for the Fall Wreath Hop is #26....Tanya...

She said...

Tanya said...
BTW, I Love..... too many things to name one... um, I really have an appreciation of the changing colors outside. I grew up in ND and then for the last ten years, lived further south where there is no "fall" season. Definitely miss the changing colors.

Monday Menus 9/17-9/23

I am very excited about this week's menu!! It is a good one!!

Grilled Cheeseburger Quesadillas
*Cucumber/Tomato Salad

*Toasted Ravioli w/marinara sauce
*Roasted Corn Salad
*Lemon Brownies

*Salt/Pepper Pork Chops
*3 Cheese Pasta w/Broccoli
*Autumn Chopped Salad

Steak Fries w/Parmesan
*Baked Beans
*Shrimp &Grits w/Roasted Corn
Fried Cornbread
*Peach Dessert

Grilled Sirloin Steak
Steak Seasoned Potatoes
Squash w/Sauteed Onions

*Busy Day Lasagna
Garlic Bread
Rocky Road Brownies

Fall Wreath Blog Hop

Welcome everyone to “Fall in love with Autumn” blog hop.

Featuring a fall wreath collection:
Let me just start with how much I heart fall {sigh}.  Leave’s turning gorgeous shades of orange, red and brown.  The sweet aroma’s of hot cocoa and apple cider coming out of the kitchen. Anything to do with fall fashions, boots, sweaters and pretty scarves!  Oh, I can go on and on!  Well with that being said I have a treat for all of you today I have a group of talented ladies that can’t wait to share with you their fall wreath that they created for this gorgeous season.  We hope to inspire you and “fall in love with autumn”!  Enjoy! J

There is blog candy given away for this hop.  The grand prize is a $20.00 gift card to Michaels or Joanns!  You choose!  The rules are as follows; you must become a follower of each blog and leave a comment on every stop.  Winner will be selected on 9-17-12.

So, come along and hop with us to see all the beautiful fall wreaths there are in this hop. I am soooo excited and cannot wait to see them all.

I will be giving away this as blog candy: 

You must do the following to be eligible to receive my blog candy. And don't forget to be eligible for the gift card you must follow each blog and leave a comment. In other words...share some love!!

      1. Become a follower of my blog.
      2. Leave a comment and answer the following question:     
                             What is your favorite thing about fall?

So here is my wreath project:

Step 1: Gather supplies: material of your choice, styrofoam wreath, hot glue gun, buttons, 
             and straight pins. (some supplies not pictured)   

Step 2: Cut material in about 2" strips...this was not an exact science...I did not measure. 
            Wrap around the wreath form and either hot glue or pin. (if you want to be able to 
             use the form again)  

Step 3: Decide on other colors of your material and cut varying lengths for the strips...
            fold the strips in half and roll around, twisting and turning into a spiral. 

Step 4: Hot glue the buttons in the center of the spiral flower. Then, pin or hot glue in place.

Step 5: Cut out "Welcome". Please forgive me, I did not measure it or note the cartridge
            I used on my gypsy. You can even leave this step out if you wish. 

Final Product

Please forgive me for not taking better step by       step pictures. I promise to do better next time I do a project like this.                                  

1.) Lluvia aka misses crafty- -------> you should have come from here
2.)Teresa - <------ you are here
3.) Maria Matter - {next}

Delay on Fridge Organization Part II

Hello all,
Sorry to bring this news...I have to delay the Fridge Organization Part II post...I hit a delay and it is taking a bit longer to put the project together than I though. Also, it does not help that I have been super busy this week with these special people!!  Volunteering, sporting events, and birthdays! The joys of my life!

Monday Menus 9/10-9/16

Time for another weekly menu post! I am loving sharing these with you. Please take time to leave a comment and let me know if you are interested in seeing anything specific on my blog...either menu wise, craft wise, or otherwise!!

Country Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes
Sauteed Squash and Onions

Meatball Subs

*Glazed Pork Chops
*Smashed Sweet Potatoes
*Yeast Dinner Rolls
This was the best meal by far all week!! Those glazed pork chops were absolutely delicious...and the sweet potatoes were wonderful! The yeast roll recipe is at my daughter's house. I will post it next week when I get it this week.

Due to a grandchild sporting event we will be eating out tonight!

*Deep Dish Pizza Casserole
I was totally wiped out today after the events of the day. So we ordered pizza.

Birthday dinner for Granddaughter

*Honey Teriyaki Chicken Legs
I used Ken's Honey Teriyaki marinade sauce to marinate the chicken legs for about 30 minutes. Then, I baked them for about 40 minutes. Sadly, the legs did not have much of a teriyaki flavor.
*Roasted Potatoes
Cut up red potatoes in chunks, sprinkle on some salt and pepper and some garlic seasoning salt. Then, put in oven along with the chicken legs and bake for about 40 minutes. Both of these were on 400 degrees.
*Lemon Brownies we had leftover birthday cake instead...look for these next week!

Fridge Organization Part I

Welcome to our Pinterest Inspired Blog Hop.

Are you addicted to Pinterest?  Do you have several boards with pins that you said "I've got to try that!"?  Well here is your inspiration to create those awesome projects you want to try but have not yet done so.
If you arrived here from Jamie's blog then you are in the right place.  If not please start at the beginning with our fabulous hostess Ashley.
Here is my Pinterest inspiration:
Fridge Coasters make my fridge happyFRIDGE COASTERS

And here is my take on said inspiration:
Before Pictures are on the left...the other 3 are the after pictures.

These are the details of my project:

  1. I bought 3 rolls of  vinyl shelfing liner at Big Lots...score... only $2 each so total cost of this project was $6.
  2. Other than that I bought nothing else.
  3. I rolled out the liner and because it was a checked pattern I used the lines as my cutting guide.
This project from emptying and cleaning all the shelves in the fridge to the finished project took less than an hour.

Thank you for stopping by to see what I've made that was inspired by Pinterest.  Your next stop is Jennifer's blog to see what inspired her.

Make sure you stop by on Tuesday to see Part II of my Fridge reorganization project!

Here is the blog lineup should you need it. You may want to start at the beginning if you arrived here first.

Teresa- <--- you are here

If you Love Pinterest...

you don't want to miss the blog hop I am in tomorrow. Check it out!

Hope to see some new followers...exciting blog candy announcement coming next week!!

Thursday's Thrifty Tips

Hey Readers!!

And just how are all of you this wonderful day in early September? I have been busy, busy taking care of the home front and being involved in my grandchildren's activities! What a wonderful feeling!

This is going to be short and sweet frugal tip for today is quite simple.

Save those glass jars that sauces, cheeses, and such come in.

I use them when:

  •  I make homemade salad dressings
  • we had soup last night and I needed to put the leftovers in the freezer for another meal so that alfredo sauce jar came in handy
  • they are also great for home decor crafts
  • to take milk in your lunch

Can you think of any other uses? 

Monday Menu 9/3-9/9

So sorry about this being late...with yesterday being a holiday I just totally forgot until I got in the bed and just decided I would put it up this morning.

Here is what is up for this week's menus.
Reminder: *=a menu item that I will come back next week and link up to the recipe and critique
New Feature ^=a menu item that I will feature in my new weekly post on Cost Saving Ideas

And remember some things are subject to change...had quite a few changes from last week's post. Check out my critique of last week's menu here.


Ate a wonderfully yummy dinner at my daughter's house.

*Shrimp Fettucini...really not a recipe...I sauteed the shrimp in some oil and butter, used a jar of Alfredo sauce and cooked some noodles...simple!!
Garlic Toast

Bacon Cheddar Grilled Cheese: these were sooooo yummy
*Tomato Basil Soup I thought this soup was missing a flavor but could not put my finger on hubby thought it was delicious
*Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes w/Raspberry sauce...Cause I did not end up making them last week.: these were just so so...not even good enough to type out the recipe

*Crock Pot Taco Soupoh so so good!!! Delish!
*Sweet Corn Bread Muffins

*Cowboy Dogs: of course I did not use Bison hot dogs...just regular dogs from the grocery store
*Parmesan Fries
*Macaroni Salad

*Wine and Noodle Bake w/Chicken Thighs: this was surprisingly very tasty cause we don't typically eat just thighs
Cucumber Slices
French Bread

*Chicken Pastry: OMG!!! this was delicious!!! Taste just like my mama used to make!
Fried Cornbread: had to call my cousin for this was sooo good! will post next time I make it as a photo recipe.
Yellow Cupcakes w/Chocolate Frosting