Monday Menus: 9/24-9/25*

This is a very shortened week's menu cause I leave for Oregon bright and early on Wednesday morning. I will be gone for 10 days so I may not be updating my blog...but then again I may pop in and put up some things. I will not be however posting any of my regular postings while I am gone. Thanks for always taking the time to read what I post! I sure am appreciative of you giving of your time to read and follow my blog!

Monday: Pinterest Cooking Day!!
*Salisbury Steak w/Caramelized Onion Gravy
*Butter Herb Mashed Potatoes
*Broccoli Casserole
*Pea Salad
*Peach Crisp w/ Maple Cream

Homemade Beanie Weanies

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