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Good Morning Crafters, So glad you could join us today....I have a product review for you comparing Prima Chalk Edge Ink Pads vs. Colorbox Cat's Eye Ink Pads...

First, let me tell you I was going to video tape this but the best laid plans just do not always work! So here is my take on the two of these pads.
Comparison Chart
         Prima Chalk Edge Ink Pads                                     
  1. the shape (easier to hold)                                        
  2. very fluid and smooth
  3. comes in chalk and metallic
  4. metallic not available in individual colors...only in 2 different sets of 8
  5. has 47 colors
  6. a few pennies more than Cat's Eyes
  7. super cute...reminds me of a mini iron
  8. available in individual colors or various color sets (8 included in each set)
      Colorbox Cat's Eye Ink Pads
  1. a different shape (not hard hold but does not have a natural type handle like the Prima)
  2. comes in metallic, chalk, and pigment
  3. 5 metallic colors, 49 chalk colors, 48 pigment colors
  4. can purchase a separate holder for the little pad to hold it
  5. available in individual colors or various color sets (6 included in each set)
  6. a few pennies cheaper than Prima
  7. not as smooth as the Prima
  8. my fave color to ink edges---Chestnut Roan
Time will tell I just started using the Prima Edgers...I need to try and find a color that is comparable to the Chestnut Roan I like to ink edges with and compare how well they hold up over time. So stay tuned I will do that in a future comparison.
Below is a pic I took of a card I made and edged the banner in two comparable yellow inks. The top and flag cut edges of the banner are the Prima which went on smooth as butter, the bottom was edged with the Cat's eye and well it just doesn't feel as smooth going on.
Hope I helped you make some informed decisions today about what type of small ink pads you might like to purchase/use in the future. 
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  1. Teresa, as always, thanks for sharing. When you first showed me the Prima Inks I liked the design and thought that they would be easier to use. I never gave a thought to the ink quality. Guess i'll need to start replacing My Cat's Eyes.


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