Well, today I come to you with the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me....well that is other than marrying the love of my life and having my beautiful family!

I am going to be traveling in September/October to the countries of Ireland and Italy! I am beyond excited about this adventure!

So, here is the back story! My friend Kim is moving to Ireland for an extended period of time due to her husband's job. I was telling my hubby how I am going to miss her and his response was..."well, maybe you can go visit."  Ummmm....YES! He also stated..."I don't know if you could do Italy ( has been the main thing on my bucket list since 1998) but at least you could go see Kim." So Kim and I set to work to planning the trip to Italy to see if it was financially possible. Thanks to her and Jamie's travel savviness it become a reality!

Going to Italy (specifically Rome) has been a dream since I taught third grade at a private school where the Social Studies curriculum included a 9 week unit on Ancient Rome. It was absolutely my most favorite thing to teach the whole three years I taught there. So, here I am about to embark (in 63 days) on the most exciting adventure I will probably ever take in my life. This is like way better than waiting for Christmas morning to arrive! Can you tell I am just beyond excitement?

I have never been out of the country at all...in fact never even traveled out of the South until the year 2010. So, I covet all of your thoughts and prayers as I go on this adventure of a lifetime! If anyone has any positive tips to share please do so in the comments below! No neggie ones cause I have heard them all already! Even from random strangers in the nail salon!

I will be sure to share some exciting photos and maybe even a vlog or two along the way.
And you might see and read a thing or two as I get ready/prepared for this journey. Thanks so much for taking your time to share in my excitement!

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