Make It Happen- 2016 Part 4

Hello my friends! I am back full force! Finally and completely back to normal. Thank goodness!

Thankful Thought: I am so happy that I can be a blessing to someone. Today I am leaving to travel to North Carolina to stay with my sister and take care of her while she recovers from back surgery. I am so blessed to have her in my life. We (as adults) have not always been super close, but we found our way back to each other a few years ago and I am so grateful for that. Don't ever take your loved ones for granted.
My lovely sister

Today's topic is My Word of the Year! I was finally able to complete my visual and I do plan to take use of it and refer to it often. I am going to be bringing you some resources with each Make It Happen post. I have found several browsing around on the net! I will keep them manageable because in my opinion too much info can be overload and cause you to not even want to take the time to look. I know that is how I am!

This is my motto this year!

And for the visual I made for myself!

Sondra Lyn at Home


  1. Great word!!!! I think with consistency comes dependability and that it what I want to strive for in 2016.

  2. Great word and I love being able to come to your blog and read these entries. It keeps me going and helps me feel a bit more connected to you even though we've been apart! Thanks so much and I look forward to the next one!


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