Make It Happen-Part 3

Well, well, oh my...sometimes things just don't go quite the way you think they should go! I had high hopes and aspirations for what I wanted to get done this body had other plans though. I had some dental work last Thursday and have felt kind of crappy since. But, I decided to not let that stop my blog posting schedule.

I did manage to get this done last Thursday morning before the dentist, so I do feel a bit on track. Also since this glitch I am going to turn Make It Happen-2016 into a month long series on Mondays. So, that helps my slow moving/processing nature get in the groove! Afterall, that is what January is for right? Getting in the groove of a new year.

So, let's get into the gist of the post:
              I use an Erin Condren planner and there is a note sheet at the beginning of each month. With
             some inspiration from a person in one of my FB groups I decided to use that sheet as a goal
             for the month. So here's to January: already making some process on this month's goals so
             that makes a gal feel good!

Also from one of my FB groups I came across a printable from this website . I got busy last week (also a bit behind) but I am accepting the fact that is my nature...getting into the groove of things slowly, and I purchased a journal and got it set up to start with this journey.

So far, so good!
 Stay Tuned for Part IV of the Make It Happen series next Monday.

Just in case you would like easy access...other parts to this series are linked below.
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  1. Love it. Maybe these ideas would help me too. Have never done a planner. Scripture journal is awesome. Will be looking to you for more inspiration.

  2. Great idea!!!Maybe I will try to make a journal,very nice!!!


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