Did I disappear?

No I have not disappeared off the face of the planet or been abducted by aliens!

I have totally discovered that I just cannot keep up with a posting schedule when my regular schedule is disrupted. So, I will only post when I am at home or have things caught up and can schedule my posts ahead of time. Thanks so much for understanding!

As for where I have been this past week...I have been keeping these 3 little aliens and hauling them all over creation (football practice, football games, cheer practice, baseball practice, school, and to stay with Papa one night as it is very difficult to be two places at once). I kept them so their parents could go on a much needed vacation getaway and reconnect! So thankful I am able to be a blessing!


  1. So sweet of you, beautiful lil ones!!

  2. Lol! Cute pic of the aliens and your little aliens! I know you are glad to help out but I bet you're exhausted too! Glad to have you back to posting...


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