Design Team Day!

Thankful Thought: For my son, who almost drops everything at the drop of a hat to do things for me!

Head on over to Scrapbook Blessings Club today to see what is going on. I will keep you in suspense and have you check over there. If you head over there and then leave a comment in both places (and shoot me an email I will send you out a small prize. Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I looked at your craftroom over on Scrapbook Blessings Club! I'm out of my craftroom too - actually out of the house altogether. We're having extensive repairs done under an insurance claim. We've been waiting over a year so I'm glad it's finally getting done! But I'm having no fun here - I miss my craft time and I'm very homesick and want to go home! I think a small prize would cheer me up - I will email you! Thanks so much!

  2. I bet you're so happy it's done. I know you were such a wreck. Now it'll be awesome!


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