How has your 2012 been so far?

I saw this question on Facebook tonight and just thought that could be my post. Wow!! I would say 2012 so far has been very relaxing, very contemplative, and very busy.

Relaxing: Since the scrapbook retreat facility that I owned for the past 5 years closed I have found myself very relaxed and not doing a whole lot on the weekends. I always was so busy with the house on the weekends either being there or taking care of things. Also, there are no sports going on during the month of January so that means this grandmother of 7 has no sporting events to go to. So, the past 5 weekends have been spent with my hubby just enjoying each other's company and just plain resting.

Contemplative: Well, I have this huge decision to make in the next several months and although I still cannot speak about what this is, as stated in an earlier post if everything falls into place then I am going to take that as God's sign that it is His will for my life and that it is what I am supposed to do. I feel in my heart it is the right thing but actions will show if it is.

Busy: Well, one of the main things I have said 2012 will bring is for me to quit being such a procrastinator and make sure things happen and get done around here. I have done several things around the house that needed doing...not enough...but progress is being made. I have taken care of a lot of things school related. And I plan to keep on making progress.

Thanks so much for taking time to read and most of all thanks for being supportive!

Leave me a comment and let me know how your 2012 is going so far! I will choose a random winner next Monday evening for a random prize!!


Accomplished my Signature!

Well, it took me a little while cause my Photoshop kept acting up but I finally figured out how to put my signature in this post! So now it will always be there and cut short my postings! Yeah me!!



Good Morning to all those who actually are reading this! I just wanted to give an update on what is happening around here this weekend. I HAVE to go to school this morning cause mainly I just was pooped yesterday afternoon. I only have a little bit to do so hopefully it won't be for very long. Then, thought I might ride up to the new cupcake place and check it out! I have three things other than that I need to accomplish at my house.

  1. Clean a corner in my bedroom and tear out Chapter 3 from student math books.
  2. Clean two baskets out that are sitting in the hallway by my craftroom door.
  3. Do laundry.
I also would like to back up my pics on my hard drive haven't done that in  way too long. Sometime in that window I also need to clean the kitchen and get the broccoli cheese soup going that we are having for dinner tonight. And, I also would like to come up with a posting plan for this blog! So we will see if I stay motivated and it all gets done. 

Until Later,

A Very Accomplished Feeling!

I am feeling oh so ever ecstatic!! My lesson plans for next week are finished...all I have to do is copy them this morning. My newsletter is complete...just copy and stuff in mailboxes. My center activities for next 2 weeks are almost complete. My lesson plans for the following week will be done by the end of this weekend...mainly cause my hubby has to work on Saturday so I think I will spend a little time on it not much though. I have even started planning Math centers that will begin on Feb. 13. I plan math centers for a 14 day rotation and have 12 math centers so it takes a lot of preparation to get them all together. Last rotation I was so struggling with getting it all done that I did not even start on time. So this time I plan to be on the ball!! Anyhow, this has been a very good week...200% better than last week. Have a fantastic Friday everyone, I know I am!

Until Later,


Why is it that we struggle against the very thing that should bring us strength and encouragement? I am so thankful for a very distressing phone call I received the other evening because it caused me to turn to the ever present presence of God and His encouragement in my life. I have always, ALWAYS met every major decision in my life with the hand of God over me and with His comfort and guidance. So, the conclusion on this major decision is firm decision is being made because if God has his hand in this and this decision is within His will for my life I am extremely confident that everything will fall into place and all the things that must happen for this decision to be made will be crystal clear.

Until Later,
Teresa we really want it?

Warning! This post is going to be very general and may not make sense cause I tend to ramble when something is weighing really heavy on my mind! this something I am ready to totally embrace? I hope so. I am nervous, anxious, yet hopeful at the same time. Many things in my life have affected me a great deal recently. So much so that I feel I need to act on the change and desire that has been growing for the last 3 years. However, do I really want this? I guess you never know if something you really want badly is exactly what you need or want until you actually do it, right? How does someone totally make a huge change in their life without fear, fear that you are not going to actually like what you are doing, fear of the unknown, and fear of doing without. Well, the one thing I know that I do need to do is to bathe myself in prayer and really face the fears realistically. Trust that those that are standing beside me and telling me it is okay are really being sincere.

So friends, I embark on the next few months of facing those fears, praying, and trying to come to a decision that will make a huge change in my life!

Until Later,

Crazy, Busy Day!!

Well it does not seem to end. School on a Muesday is yucky!!! It is really Tuesday but feels like Monday and then on top of that you have to start out the day with a meeting. That is 2 weeks in a row now we have had a meeting on the first day at school for the week. What a rough start to the day. Then what could go wrong today did...but on a positive note tomorrow is another day and one day closer to the weekend. I am soooo ready for this school year to be over so please forgive me if I dream (out loud sometimes) for the weekend/spring break/days off/ last day of school to get here sooner.

In fact, I am working toward something that I cannot really say publically yet but just keep me in your thoughts that all will work out.

Until Later,

Accomplishments! (Warning Picture Heavy)

Well it all started out on Saturday. I went to school to get some things done. Was hoping to only stay 2 hours...was there 4 and still brought home work to do. But, I did accomplish things at school and then had a lazy day yesterday. Today I got several things accomplished at home. But, the most important thing I did today was to get creative. Although, it was not for myself...I helped out a friend get things ready for her parent's 70th wedding anniversary party. I was so excited to be able to help her and show her how the cricut machine worked. She has been wanting a long time to see it in action. Was very happy we could get together and show her how all it 

Before Pictures at School


After Pictures At School: Lesson Plans Done and Papers Ready to Copy!


What needed to get accomplished at home!

After!! So glad to have this done!

I know this one does not look completely done and it is not, but my friend arrived and I did not have any more time to work on this. But progress is being made! And for that I am thankful.

Getting Busy

Well, I am getting busy this morning. Heading to school in just a few to finish cleaning up from the week,get lesson plans finalized, print off stuff to have ready for centers, and put up a bulletin board. Hopefully, if I am really motivated it will not take very long. Then it is home to clean and craft the rest of the day. Until later, Teresa

One tiring week!

It has been one very tiring week! I have gone to bed every single night early and have still been exhausted!! I sure hope this is not going to continue forever! I would so love to be able to come home and have the energy to accomplish some things around the house. Anyhow, this is a 3 day weekend and I plan on being a homebody!! Resting, relaxing, and doing some things around the house that need to be done. I will post some progress each day during the weekend!

Until Later,


Sorry nothing to post tonight...I am bone tired!!!

Until Later,

Home Early and Relaxing!

Whew! What a Monday! A 2 hour meeting first thing this morning. Trying to get ready for the sub, get things ready for students to walk in the door, and get ready for my volunteer...all before 8:15. And I am not required to even get there until 8:10. What other job requires you to be so on the ball and on top of things and prepare, off the clock? I know, I know, I chose this profession but sometimes things are just rough on a body you know?

So, 4:15 rolled around and I decided I am out of home...cooked a fabulous dinner. Baked Spaghetti, a Paula Deen recipe. I took some shortcuts and used jar sauce instead of making it from scratch but followed the rest of the recipe. It was yummy!!! In fact, both hubby and I thought it was better than regular spaghetti. Of course, I have never been good at making spaghetti so that might be why! LOL!
not my picture, from Paula Deen's website!

Until Later,

Weekend Draws to a Close...

Sunday evening here. Almost over, the weekend that is. I am very sad about that. I got to visit with the grandchildren today and have a very nice conversation with my daughter...we don't get too many of those lately. Planned menus, went grocery shopping, and got ready for the week. Not doing much else cause my all-time favorite show comes on tonight...Once Upon a Time...there have been reruns for like the last 3 weeks so I am excited for the new show to air tonight. All in all the weekend was very good, very relaxing and restful, just don't want it to come to an end.

Until Later,

Today's Progress

I got so much accomplished today. Cooked a good breakfast, then got busy taking Christmas decorations down. Picked up around here, did some computer clean-up and postings that I needed to do. Was able to take a nap...was so tired today. Cooked dinner, tacos, not my favorite but hubby was sure happy. Even cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, not something I usually do every single night, but something I want to change and make sure is done nightly.  I did go out a few minutes today as I needed to get some batteries for my hubby. As I was driving home from the store this dawned on me. The next few months are sure going to be nice, nothing planned on weekends. I realized these past few months have been extremely busy...September every single weekend was filled with scrapbook house business. October, football season was still in swing, I went away one weekend, then Brent and I went away another. November, cropping with a great group of people, then holiday things. December, I was away for a whole week, then the holidays. Whew, when I realized all of this no wonder I have been so tired. So, for the sake of needing to slow down my life and focus on my home, family, and things that should be close to your heart I am not planning anything for the next 3 months. So for now the rest of this evening is going to be spent relaxing on the couch!

Until Later,

Checkout my new Social Network Icons!!

Thanks to LeeLou Blogs for the fabulous social network icons. Should you want to take a look at my Facebook page, email me, or follow me on Pinterest just click on the flags to the left and waaalaaa, there you have it. That is what I did tonight to accomplish something. I am hoping to accomplish lots this weekend, amongst doing nothing, and have some pictures to post on some progress toward some goals I have for myself.

Until Later,

Report Cards Complete!!

Finished report cards tonight. Now all I have to do in am is to print and stuff! This has been a really good week. I only have 2 more subjects to plan and lesson plans are complete for next week! Woohoo!! I am determined to not have to go into school this weekend. Hopefully, no more weekend work or going back to school after dinner the rest of this school year! I am so ready to turn my thoughts and time more towards home.

Until Later,


Well the last two assessments of my online class were done and posted tonight! Being the first day back at school, many new things being implemented, and completing those postings, this girl is tired. Tired to the bone actually. So early to bed it is for me.

Until Later,

Back to the Grind!

Today was a really good day! It was back to the grind of getting things ready for school. Although I did not have students today, I stayed just as busy today as I do when they are there and I teach all day. I worked very hard with my teammates planning today. I am basically planned for the whole month of January, with a few exceptions of getting some things together. Tonight I spent the evening prepping and laminating math and literacy center work. It feels good to get it done and the next few days I can focus on the next thing which is report cards!!

A stack of laminated center work

It is about an inch and a half thick!

My teaching BFF for the last 3 years now. Don't know what I would do without this baby!!

Yesterday's Goodness!

Well, I missed posting yesterday, but it was for a really good reason...instead of procrastinating and not doing what I should have been doing I was working on an online class I am taking. The class ends the 4th of January and I had 4 more sessions to do as of yesterday morning. So I knew I had to MAKE myself do at least 2 sessions. Well, I was able to do one while at school and then did the next one last night (instead of a blog posting).

All in all yesterday was a really good day. School was real good. No complaints there.  Hubby and I went to dinner at the kids house and were able to see the grandkids...and I didn't have to cook on my first day back to work! Came home, did my class session and then went to bed early. Nothing too exciting but started a few new routines to help make the morning easier.

Until later, Teresa

Retail Goodness!!

Well for today I have some retail goodness to share with you. My sweet hubby bought me stuff at Kohl's over the holidays and he gave me $60 in Kohl's cash. Well it expires on January 2nd so we decided to go spend it today. Not really sure what I wanted to buy we searched the store and looked around at lots of stuff. One of the things I asked for Christmas was a cupcake carrier and he had not been able to find one. We found one and then he began looking around for something else to get me. I ended up getting a relaxing outfit...comfy clothes for the weekend, and then a really cute pair of jeans and a sparkly shirt. 

My really cute jeans and sparkly shirt

Cannot wait to wear this comfy outfit next weekend.

My new cupcake carrier! Carrying cupcakes to a location will be a dream!