Off to the Grocery Store!!

Fun Sunday afternoon. I am getting ready to do the Sunday afternoon chore we normally do together, but hubby has decided he is going to just stay home. So off to the grocery by myself. Fun, fun! NOT! But I have a short list so maybe it won't take very long. Then, I guess we are going to Outback for dinner...had steak, salad, baked potatoes on the menu but the weather turned very cold and hubby doesn't want to grill out and he suggested we go to Outback...don't blame him for not wanting to be out in the cold and just glad to get to go out. Here lately we have become real homebodies and don't really go or do much of anything. So, here's hoping to a great time out and a very fast week cause come Friday, I am off for the next 5 days!! Yippeee!

Update: I bought groceries...not a good coupon week only save $4. We went to dinner and had a very nice time together....we had wonderful conversation...went next door after dinner and looked at new Chevys. We are in the market for a new car but may wait a little bit. I was surprised that hubby wanted to go next door and walk to take a look cause it was freezing out!


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  1. I prefer shopping by myself. It is like shopping with a kid when Joe comes. We come home with a ton of junk! :)


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