Sweet Valentine's Day!

Although it was a very, very crazy day at school it was a great one. My student's could not have been sweeter. Many of them remembered their teacher and showered me with gifts. Candy, flowers, hearts, candles: what more can a gal want? I planned a super dinner tonight. My hubby asked for meatloaf, so I decided to try a new recipe for meatloaf and although he did not care for it he did eat it and said it was okay he just preferred our usual. I called our middle daughter to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day and she informed me that was not a menu to cook on a work night...well, being Valentine's Day I just did it anyhow cause I wanted to give my hubby a nice dinner. I was so very happy that God gave me an idea to do for my hubby for Valentine's Day...you see I have not had a whole lot of money lately due to trying my hardest to pay off debt...so Sunday night when I went to bed trying to go to sleep it came to me....cut out some hearts on our die cut machine and write sweet love messages
Flowers on the left were delivered to me at work . They were from my sweet hubby!


My hubby's Valentine surprise!!
 on them...I taped them to the bathroom mirror last night after he went to bed so he would see them in the morning. I was kind of proud of myself.

I also was very proud of myself this morning cause I scheduled pay-offs for 2 of my 4 bills to be paid off tomorrow when I get paid. I am soooooo excited to get these bills paid off.


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  1. Great Job Teresa!!! Love the Vday idea, might have to steal it for next year! Congrats on getting rid of the debt! Keep up the good work! I need to get the meatloaf recipe, always looking for something different. :)


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