Jinger Adams and The Scrapbooking Queen Design Team Call

I have for you today my submission to be on the wonderful, talented and bubbly Jinger Adam's Design Team Call. I have contemplated this since I first saw these on Jinger's FaceBook page back at the beginning of the month. After changing my mind several times on what I wanted to submit and actually working on two other projects I finally settled on this Easter home decor project. I am a Kindergarten teacher and thought this would be a wonderful decoration for my classroom door.

Whether I make the team or not I am anxiously awaiting the release of Jinger's new line of scrapping products. I am sure they are going to be as fabulous as she is!! And for you shoe fans...a line of shoes is in the works also. I would so love to wear those gorgeous high heels but being the klutz I am I would break my neck!! But, give me a pair of blingy flip-flops and I am all over that!!

So, without further adieu here is my project. Hope you enjoy. Supply list and directions listed at the bottom.

Close up of the bunny and carrot...cut from Create a Critter...

Supplies and Details for This Project:
All cuts are approximate and used my Gypsy to cut them.
Cuts are listed as WxH as on the Gypsy screen.
Basket: Doodlecharms Cartridge  Brown Bazzill; Cut size:11x11
Eggs: Doodlecharms Cartridge  DCWV Flower Shower Spring Stack Cut at 3x10
All Layers of the Bunny: Create a Critter Cartridge  Cut as 3x5 Base: black Bazzill, Middle:pink Bazzill, Top: Pressed Petals Metallic Beige Tummy: rose Bazzill
Carrot: Create a Critter Cartridge  DCWV Flower Shower Spring Stack: Cut at 1x3
Spring has Sprung: Creative Memories Cheerful Season Cartridge..so sorry but forgot to save the file on Gypsy...but it was large.

I am in the process of merging two blogs together...I began this one late last year to journal about some changes that are and will continue to take place in my life and my scrapbooking blog seemed to take a back seat as I was trying to get this one established and focus on what I wanted the purpose of this blog to be. Well, a very good friend told me there are no written rules that a blog has to only be about one topic. So, after much reflection about that I decided to merge this blog and Teresa's Scrap Happenings into one cohesive blog where I can blog about anything my little heart desires. So if you would like to see more scrappy creations to get a feel for my scrapping style then hop on over to the link above and check them out. On another note, although I was not a super regular poster all that is about to change at the end of May when I begin a new chapter in my life. I will become a SAHW, Full-time grandma (which means I will get to see those precious children on a more regular and frequent basis since I won't have to work full-time), domestic homemaker, and crafter!!! I am really very excited about this new adventure I will be pursuing. Also my blog will soon be getting a new look...I have a designer working on it as we speak...also very excited about this because since I will be spending a lot of time here in the future I wanted it to really reflect me!


This Man is Wonderful!

My son is such a wonderful man! I am so very proud of him. He means the absolute world to me. He has always been right there to do anything I ever needed. And most times will drop everything to come to my aid. He is a wonderful father and a great husband. And has the cutest 4 boys...of course I am a bit biased I think. So proud to call this man my son!!


The Taco Bell Experience....

       Well, here in my little 'ole town the tearing down of the old Taco Bell and the rebuilding of it right in the same location was a really big deal. There are people who really, really missed their Taco Bell fix. Me, not so much!! Well after about 80 something days the new Taco Bell opened last week. On the day it opened there were like 9876543210 people in line to either get in or go through the drive through. Well, tonight I decided to bring some Taco Bell home for dinner...what a mistake!! First, I pulled in from the side street thinking I could get to the drive-through line (which had about 3 dozen people in line) but I could not get maneuvered around to get into position to pull into the lane. So, I decided to park and go in. Okay...but the inside was about as big as the inside of a matchbox and there were people everywhere. There were not any markings for the line...it was a big confusing mess as to where you needed to be to order. Then, after you placed your order to go to the drink machine and then get the lid and straw for your cup you must cross over your elbow and then climb back around under your thumb to go get your condiments. Then there was the crazy menu...hubby said bring home that taco pack...well there are two different ones...both have crunchy tacos... one was 12 for $10 and the other was 10 for $10...wait that is about crazy....but on the 10 one you could mix up what you wanted with other stuff!! So I get home only to discover that because I went in and ordered I should have gotten my own condiments cause they did not put any in the box, bag or even offer. Taco Bell I just don't think it is a match made in heaven and you and I may not see each other for quite some time.

  This is representative of the Taco Bell in our town. Note: not the actual building here in ..... FL.


A Little Bit Green...

St. Patty's Day rolled around this past Saturday. I had never in my life celebrated this day (other than wearing green so I wouldn't get pinched) until last year. Well, I had a blast last year and really enjoyed it so since it fell on a Saturday and at the end of Spring Break I thought I would have a party for my family. I invited the whole clan over... I planned a treasure hunt for the kids, cooked corned beef and cabbage, and some Pinterest inspired cupcakes! It is not very often we are all together. The kids love playing and goofing off. So happy we have a close knit family. Enjoy the pics of our event!

Pinterest inspired Cupcakes! 
The adult table

Place Cards for each place 

The treasure hunt
Trevor redeeming his "gold"
Reading the last clue!
All of my grandchildren! I love these kids!!

Love these kids too! My oldest and youngest!!

I am a blessed woman!


37 Wonderfully, Happy Years!

37 years ago today I married the boy next door. It has been a wonderful, joyous ride that produced 3 beautiful children, lots of memories, and the most tender-loving care a gal could ask for. I am most proud of this accomplishment because...well, you see I was only a senior in high school when we got married, had only been 18 a week. There were many around us friends, family members, society, that did not believe we would last. I was determined this was the man for me and even though the ride has not always been smooth it has been full of love, care, hope, trust, and faith on both sides. He is my very best friend and I know will always be there for me even when others are not. So here's to many more years to come!! I love you so very much Richard Brentwood...more than life itself!

A Quote to Share...

I came upon this quote today reading an email from our Pastor. It says it all for me this year and exactly why I started this blog.

“Nothing changes until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.”

I wish I had found this earlier this year cause this just says it all. I sure hope as I continue to embark on this new journey that I can continue to make changes in my life that are for the best. 

Upon trying to make this decision in my life and begin to change the things around me I began praying that God would show me exactly what He wanted me to do. As I have lived my life I have always looked for direct signs from God when it came to making major decisions in my life. And just as before He came through this time.  I would like to share with you tonight the signs I feel God has given me to confirm that I am going in the right direction. These are in the order that He gave them to me and I felt they each built upon each other and became stronger each time. 

  1. Our local grocery store had a coupon for $10 off a $50 gas coupon. So I was able to buy 3 of them with my husband's blessing from our grocery account. Well, when I used that first $50 coupon it filled up my car and lasted for 3 whole weeks!! That has never, ever happened before.
  2. A usually $350 tax bill for business taxes suddenly went to $0 because the accountant offered to do them for free since our business had closed.
  3. After some issues with blood pressure and a low pulse late last year the doctor gave me a clean bill of health. And also alleived my fears of when I am not working how I can get my meds I need by giving me a 1 year supply.
  4. We had been talking about buying a new car so that it would be paid for by the time we retire. Well with this new plan of taking next year off hubby had thought it would be better if we wait a few months and see if things were going to go smoothly. Well upon doing our personal taxes, our refund was exactly the amount needed to pay off the only debt we have left. This one debt was what was preventing us from being able to take the plunge and buy the new car.
  5. I am totally out of days I can take off at school with pay and we have a wedding to go to at the end of  April. Hubby did not want to take such a quick trip to NC so he offered to help me out with my paycheck as I am frantically trying to pay off my own personal debt by the end of July so next year will not be a financial burden on my hubby. So we are taking a 5 day trip for the wedding instead of a 3 day one. 
  6. The most recent sign I have gotten is to help me make it through the rest of this school year. Spring Break is this coming week...then there are 14 school days...a 4 day weekend for Easter...14 school days...I will be off for a week...then the final 14 days of school. I truly believe that there is no coincidence that all of those numbers are the same...that is the sign God used...
So what a Great God we serve!!!

Watch out cause more change is around the corner!


Things to Ponder...

As I begin to think about being off work I want to make some concrete plans and a schedule. I have a tendency to be wiped out at home, so I want to make sure I am really making the best of being a SAHW. I attribute the being wiped out though in the evenings to being so tired from work. And then on the weekends I have to cram in all the things that need doing before Monday rolls around.

So, I don't want to be a time waster and want to make the best of my time at home. I really want to organize my home and get things in order...but don't want to kill myself doing a massive cleaning all at once kind of thing. I am a list and task oriented person so I am thinking maybe one room at a time?

I have spent the last 16 years working as a teacher so things have slid by the wayside for quite some time. Of course, spurts of energy along the way and 2 wonderful family members who are/were my housekeepers have kept my home from being taken over by the dust monkeys!!

So as a SAHM/W whichever you may be...or even someone who works a full-time job outside the home that is very well-organized, what are your tips? thoughts? must-dos? Do you clean all in one day? spread it out over the week? laundry all one day? I would love to hear from you about how you keep your home well-organized and functioning. These are some of the things I am pondering as I am about to embark on this new journey of being a SAHW! Only 50 more school days and that is what I can officially call myself.

A Movie Critique

A few weeks ago my hubby and I watched "The Hangover" on television. It was an okay movie, funny, not too deep. Well last night we wanted to watch a movie so as I was scrolling through the movie lineups I came across "The Hangover, Part II" so we decided to watch this one. So, I would like to critique the two movies.

The Hangover: Although an adult type movie definitely it is funny, and light. Adult humor is definitely included, however it is funny and not tense and raunchy like in the sequel. I give this movie:

The Hangover, Part II: This started out looking like it would be very funny and okay just like the first one. However it quickly took a left turn and did not recover. The adult humor was raunchy, the scenes where the guys were looking for the lost brother intense and not funny at all. It was even very grotesque in places. I give this movie:


The Big Decision!

Well, I can finally reveal what has consumed my mind and thoughts for the past 2 months. I am taking a year's leave of absence from work. You see I have really felt God calling me to be a SAHW and Grandma for the past 2 school years. This year it got extremely strong and several things worked themselves out and God had everything exactly under control. You know the saying when "E.F. Hutton speaks, everyone listens" It was an old commercial...well my thought is when God speaks directly to you and shows you in many, many ways you ought to listen!!!

So, Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and thoughts. I am very excitedly looking forward to taking care of my husband, my home, and spending more time with my Grandchildren. Because as God showed me in 2011, Life is too short to spend it totally stressed and not spending quality time with your family!