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I came upon this quote today reading an email from our Pastor. It says it all for me this year and exactly why I started this blog.

“Nothing changes until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.”

I wish I had found this earlier this year cause this just says it all. I sure hope as I continue to embark on this new journey that I can continue to make changes in my life that are for the best. 

Upon trying to make this decision in my life and begin to change the things around me I began praying that God would show me exactly what He wanted me to do. As I have lived my life I have always looked for direct signs from God when it came to making major decisions in my life. And just as before He came through this time.  I would like to share with you tonight the signs I feel God has given me to confirm that I am going in the right direction. These are in the order that He gave them to me and I felt they each built upon each other and became stronger each time. 

  1. Our local grocery store had a coupon for $10 off a $50 gas coupon. So I was able to buy 3 of them with my husband's blessing from our grocery account. Well, when I used that first $50 coupon it filled up my car and lasted for 3 whole weeks!! That has never, ever happened before.
  2. A usually $350 tax bill for business taxes suddenly went to $0 because the accountant offered to do them for free since our business had closed.
  3. After some issues with blood pressure and a low pulse late last year the doctor gave me a clean bill of health. And also alleived my fears of when I am not working how I can get my meds I need by giving me a 1 year supply.
  4. We had been talking about buying a new car so that it would be paid for by the time we retire. Well with this new plan of taking next year off hubby had thought it would be better if we wait a few months and see if things were going to go smoothly. Well upon doing our personal taxes, our refund was exactly the amount needed to pay off the only debt we have left. This one debt was what was preventing us from being able to take the plunge and buy the new car.
  5. I am totally out of days I can take off at school with pay and we have a wedding to go to at the end of  April. Hubby did not want to take such a quick trip to NC so he offered to help me out with my paycheck as I am frantically trying to pay off my own personal debt by the end of July so next year will not be a financial burden on my hubby. So we are taking a 5 day trip for the wedding instead of a 3 day one. 
  6. The most recent sign I have gotten is to help me make it through the rest of this school year. Spring Break is this coming week...then there are 14 school days...a 4 day weekend for Easter...14 school days...I will be off for a week...then the final 14 days of school. I truly believe that there is no coincidence that all of those numbers are the same...that is the sign God used...
So what a Great God we serve!!!

Watch out cause more change is around the corner!


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  1. our God is an Awesome God! May the blessings continue to rain down on you.
    Debi Pippin


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