I'm Going Home

Well, I have finished my last day (at least for the next 14 months) of working at a school. Hopefully it is longer and I can go into retirement but that remains to be seen. As I sit here on my couch this morning I am so very thankful for many things...a man who is so wonderful that wants to do whatever possible to make me happy, the ability to create a cozy, home for him, the ability to be able to enjoy my grandchildren to the fullest. So, I have many plans to get going and will let you all know about what is going on more consistently from this point forward. Enjoy this video as it says exactly what I am feeling right now!

Sooo Cannot Wait....

It is getting super hard to wait for the end of school. However, I keep plodding along. Only 12 more days now and I will be a "free" woman! Well, actually a SAHW. That acronym could not have a sweeter sound to my ears. I probably will not be posting too much the next couple of weeks as it is going to be super busy around here. I have so much to do to end the school year and then on top of that I have to prepare things to move home. Good news on that though...2 teachers were walking around yesterday that are moving to a primary grade and popped into my classroom and said they would take some of my stuff and give it a good temporary home. Hey, as long as I don't have to store it that is fantastic. Take all you want!! I will be sad though to take down my wagon...I have only had it two years but it must come down.
My 2 grandchildren with a pic of my wagon in the background. This was back in August.