A Rip-Roaring Opportunity!!

Come join me at the BEST!! yes, I said the BEST!! scrapbook retreat this side of the Mississippi!! Would love to have you join me!

Scrapbook Barn presents the

Rootin Tootin Rhinestone Cowgirl Crop  
November 9-11, 2012 River Ranch, Florida

You loved it the first time-
our second time will be twice as fun!

This funfilled and family themed resort is hosting Scrapbook Barn and all her cowgirls. Your western adventure will include 55 hours of nonstop scrapbooking, a goodie bag upon your arrival, lunches and dinner all weekend, your hotel accommodations, door prizes and giveaways, games, use of a Cricut machine and Scrapbook Barn as your premiere vendor.

Friday, November 9th at 10AM till Sunday, November 11th at 5PM.

Each hotel room provided by Scrapbook Barn has two double beds, microwave and fridge(that's country talk for refrigerator).
Four Croppers in your hotel room, $195 each.
Three Croppers in your hotel room, $215 each.
Two Croppers in your hotel room, $256 each.
One Croppers in your hotel room, $379.
If you want to get your own accommodations at River Ranch, such as a camping site or a larger abin or room, your crop fee is $129.

$35 deposit holds your spot and final payment is due on October 15th unless you are on the Scrapbook Barn payment plan.
All monies paid towards the Rootin Tootin Rhinestone Cowgirl Crop are nonrefundable.

Rootin Tootin Rhinestone Cowgirl Crop is presented by
Scrapbook Barn
306 Amherst Avenue
Melbourne, Florida 32901
321-956-2988, Sherri's cell 321-759-7314

We love city folk at Scrapbook Barn and look forward to impressing the britches off of ya!
Ride em Scrapgirl!

Tonight's Dinner...a sneak peak at Menus and Recipes to come.

So I thought I would give you a little sneak peak at the recipes and tonight's dinner menu so you can have a hint of what is to come each week.

Critique of Recipes and Comments from the Fam!

The Italian Cream Chicken calls for Corn Flakes. Well at our house we don't eat plain corn flakes but we do eat Ritz Crackers so I substituted crushed Ritz Crackers for the coating on the chicken. Fabulous!! Okay...I struggle with making too much food for just my hubby and I. Tonight it so happened that my son came over for dinner due to his wifey being out of town. So, I fed 3 tonight. Well, I still took the sauce recipe and cut it in half and it was more than plenty for us + 2 servings left over...lunch for both hubby and I tomorrow. Comments: Everyone loved it!!!

The Zucchini Parm crisps could have been a bit crisper! The recipe said to bake them for 22-27 minutes and I took them out at 23 minutes...and the oven was set at the recipe instruction of 400. Well, I definitely would leave them in for the whole 27 min. and would amp up the temp of the oven to 425. Comments: I loved them although a bit crisper would have been nice. Son liked them okay. Hubby: "We have been married 37 years and when have you ever known me to eat zucchini?" So, he wasn't a fan of them.

Thursday Night Dinner

Italian Cream Chicken

Parmesan Zucchini Crisps

I love this blog...Jamie has so many wonderful recipes!!
Take a few minutes after viewing the recipe to take a look around!
Note: not my photo....taken from Jamie's blog. We did not have asparagus with dinner tonight!

zucchini parmesan crisps
Recipe Here
Note: Again, no my photo!

Tune in next Monday for next week's menu!

New Feature of My Blog Starting on Monday!

I plan to start a weekly menu post every Monday of the upcoming week's menu. Then the following Monday I will come back and critique the recipes and meals posted. I will try my best to post photos, although I am not the best food photographer. LOL! I will however post recipes with links and credits to where I obtained the recipe. So be on the lookout for Monday's menu post. Thanks for sticking with me and reading my posts. Please take a few minutes to "follow" my blog or leave a comment.

This is a test!

Trying to figure out the pages I have on my blog and how they can show up with labels!!!

WOW! What a Start to being a SAHW!

This has been a whirlwind last few weeks. I have been a cleaning monster for the past several weeks, then this week I kind of hit a wall and it has taken me all day to do my "chores." I hope to get back on track next week. We will have a much needed family break this weekend. Hubby and I are joining my daughter and her 3 children at the beach for a 3 day weekend. Could not believe I actually talked my hubby into taking tomorrow off work. So next week I am going to get on a schedule!!! I also have neglected my blog lately mainly because I was going to go back and reread some tips and hints that my blog designer over at Blog Designs by Sheila gave me. Well to no avail one of the things I accomplished first after school got out was to clean out my inbox in my email. I carefully labeled things and put them in folders that I wanted to keep...fast forward to today and low and behold that folder is empty! YIKES! So I guess I will email Sheila and beg for some assistance.

One reason for taking so long to complete chores this week is I have been taking this course over at Jessica Sprague's website. She offered a free Photoshop class for her 5th Birthday Celebration and I signed up. I have taken many classes over at her site and absolutely love them...so easy to follow. So if you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements I would recommend some of her classes.

Another thing that I have neglected was to send out the prizes for the comments on My New Design post. Some of you I know how to get in contact with and some I do not. If you were someone who commented...no matter what # please send information of how I can send you a little surprise.

Hopefully, I will begin to update my blog and let all of you readers know how my adventure of being a SAHW is progressing. Please, please, please though do a favor for me...when you come to my blog and read the post please take the time to make a comment. I sooooo enjoy reading the comments and it encourages me and lifts my spirits. They just make my day!!

I will leave you today with a little something I made in my Jessica Sprague class that is going to hang on the wall of my newly decorated guest bathroom.