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So now for this month...

Thank your for hopping along with us this month.
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Scrapbook Blessings Club. 

So who doesn't love fun and affordable--papers, flowers, chalk inks, brads, chalkboard, stamps, buttons.. more!! Every month you get something a little different! 
Introducing our new SEPTEMBER Mini Card Kit!!!! 

This is the neat before photo! I forgot to include the ink pad! 

The messy pic with the ink included
Included in this kit;
*GRAPHIC 45: "RARE ODDITIES" 6 sheets 
*GRAPHIC 45: EPHEMERA CARDS  4 various sizes

No video this month cause I (Teresa) have taken over this portion and well...things don't always go as planned. I WILL get it done for next month and we will be back on track! Anyhow go and visit Sandy's blog and then mine to check out what we have created with the card kit for you this month.

Here are my contributions for the hop:
Card #1 will be a Halloween card for my daughter: 

Card #2: Well this really isn't a card. I like to make other items with the card kits. This will be a page in my October list book.

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Thanks for hopping along. Up next is Marilyn

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Marilyn -Marilyn's Crafts

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CARD KIT WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED with the October card kit reveal!

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Well, today I come to you with the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me....well that is other than marrying the love of my life and having my beautiful family!

I am going to be traveling in September/October to the countries of Ireland and Italy! I am beyond excited about this adventure!

So, here is the back story! My friend Kim is moving to Ireland for an extended period of time due to her husband's job. I was telling my hubby how I am going to miss her and his response was..."well, maybe you can go visit."  Ummmm....YES! He also stated..."I don't know if you could do Italy ( has been the main thing on my bucket list since 1998) but at least you could go see Kim." So Kim and I set to work to planning the trip to Italy to see if it was financially possible. Thanks to her and Jamie's travel savviness it become a reality!

Going to Italy (specifically Rome) has been a dream since I taught third grade at a private school where the Social Studies curriculum included a 9 week unit on Ancient Rome. It was absolutely my most favorite thing to teach the whole three years I taught there. So, here I am about to embark (in 63 days) on the most exciting adventure I will probably ever take in my life. This is like way better than waiting for Christmas morning to arrive! Can you tell I am just beyond excitement?

I have never been out of the country at fact never even traveled out of the South until the year 2010. So, I covet all of your thoughts and prayers as I go on this adventure of a lifetime! If anyone has any positive tips to share please do so in the comments below! No neggie ones cause I have heard them all already! Even from random strangers in the nail salon!

I will be sure to share some exciting photos and maybe even a vlog or two along the way.
And you might see and read a thing or two as I get ready/prepared for this journey. Thanks so much for taking your time to share in my excitement!

Life Update!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Lots going on in my life these days...I just wanted to take some time to give you a life update and let you know what it happening in my neck of the woods. So, I am going to split this into three sections.


I began on February 1 to start taking charge of my life...don't know what took me a whole month...usually I am on the ball right around the first of the year. So, I decided I needed to get fit and healthy. I began Weight Watchers...and have been working on that steadily since then. I would like to say I started on February 1st exercising regularly but that would be a total fib. I struggled with that aspect of getting fit...walking some but not consistently, exercising at home but again not consistently. So, fast forward to the month of March...I got a Fitbit for my birthday and things started
getting more regular. Then on Mother's Day...May 10th...I had recently found out that we could join the local gym at a huge discount due to my hubby's place of that was my present from my wonderful husband. A gym membership completely paid in full for a year. And to my surprise he joined as well. We go regularly 3 times a week and then I go twice a week. I have also gotten on a regular walking schedule at home when I am not at the I walk twice a day most days. Recently, we went to the beach for our annual family weekend and I walked over 10,000 steps in one day for the first time! I have lost 26.6 lbs since February and am still losing...I have quite a ways to go but I am going about it the right way!


I decided on January 1 that I was going to get my whole house completely organized! With that goal in mind I designed a complete closet redo for my walk in closet in my bedroom. My wonderful son executed my design and the result is a beautiful walk in closet with drawers, shoe racks, hanging space, shelves, and a make-up vanity! I am totally in love with it and would not trade it for anything!

I completely cleaned out and organized my kitchen...have cleaned out every drawer and closet in this house.

Also with the help of two friends I completely redesigned, purged, and organized my scrapbook room. I am still not quite finished with that room but it is getting there. My goal is to completely finish that room by the end of this month.

Lastly, the final space I will need to completely clean and organize is my space in the garage...that has fast become the problem area for me. I cannot seem to keep that area clean. But that is on the agenda for this month as well.


As most of you know I own/run a scrapbook supply retail business. Scrapping for Less sure keeps me on my toes. I have been super busy with orders, sorting, and shipping lately. I strive my best to offer excellent customer service and provide scrapbook/card/craft supplies for sale at a price that is better than most places. I design the card kits for Scrapbook Blessings Club which debuts on the first Saturday of each month. Check out the blog hop each month and comment on each could win a kit! I also recently introduced a monthly planner kit! June was a huge success...July had a rough time (only sold 2) but you can't win 'em all right? I also offer a service unheard of most other places...ask and I will see if I can get anything you may, specialty paper, a certain stamp...whatever you may need...I can't promise...but I will look for it and see if I am able to obtain that item for you.  Anyhow, I am committed to bring the best/hottest/greatest supplies to you at super prices!

February Scrapbook Blessings Club Card Kit

Welcome to

It is our monthly card kit reveal time. Scrapbook Blessings Club is joining up with Scrapping For Less, and we are bringing you affordable Mini CARD KITS!!! 

Here is a quick peak of this months kit
(kit will vary in paper designs/craft media colors)
Check out this kit and our DT inspiration,  
Click here for our video reveal!

It is perfect for all levels of scrapbookers! So whether you are a newbie or an experience scrapper, these kits has everything you'll need to create fast and easy projects. All you need to do is get out your scissors, paper trimmer and adhesive.

Why card kits? A couple reasons, one is getting fabulous papers and embellishments from popular Scrapbooking Companies, without buy a ton that you never use and letting it all just sit in the drawer.

  The second is cost. I am a frugal scrapbooker and affordability is always high on my list.  It is not always easy to spend $30- $50 on a kit. 
Our kits will be $15.00 which INCLUDES shipping to US!
(International shipping is extra and allow for increase shipping time.)

And lastly is convenience, with these kits, there is no guess work in getting papers to coordinate along with embellishments and fabrics, etc.

 Who doesn't love fun and affordable--papers, flowers, chalk inks, brads, chalkboard, stamps, buttons.. more!! Every month you get something a little different! 
Here are my two cards for this month! They didn't make it into the video :( totally my fault though!

  • To purchase your card kit, you can click below to place your order. 
$15.00 includes shipping
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 If you leave a comment on each blog, you will be entered in the random drawing for this month's Card Kit. 
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Marilyn - Marilyn's Crafts
Carolyn- Granny's Ma
Brenda- Disney Girl

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Word of the Year 2015

My poor blog has been totally neglected...this year is going to be different! I want to be I am going to have the courage to really share my heart. Thanks for taking the time to follow my blog and be my friend whether I know you in person or not. Hopefully, I can get back to the same enthusiasm of being a SAHW this year as I had 3 years ago when I first began this journey. Lots has changed and lots has happened in the past 3 hang on 2015 is going to be one heck of a year for me!

This is going to be the beginning of this journey!

I decided I wanted to have a word for 2015...upon googling that phrase I was taken to this blog and wanted to just follow her questioning here is what the writer had to say about finding a word that you would like to be your word for the upcoming year. So I leave you with the process for now and will come back next Friday 1/9 after I have had the time this week to develop this and share my thoughts and process with you.

– What is definitely happening in 2015?
– What are you hoping will happen in 2015?
– What dreams would you like to nurture in the new year?
– What area(s) of your life is/are asking to be supported in 2015?
– What qualities do you want to develop in yourself?
– What does your heart need?

Now go through what you’ve come up with already, and circle words that feel meaningful or jump out at you in some way. She gives you a list of words to see if any of those feel like they’re calling out to you. When you have a list of about 10-20 words, narrow it down to about five words. Then she says journal on these questions:

– What’s your own definition of this word? What does it mean to you?
– Look it up in a dictionary and/or thesaurus and jot down anything that speaks to you
– Can you think of any supporting words for this word e.g. LOVE could be supported by caring, passion, connection, commitment
– Is there another layer under this word? e.g. NURTURE might really be about creating soul connections or community
– How does this word make you feel? Excited? Motivated? A bit nervous? Expanded?
– Any other thoughts or feelings you have about this word?

After you’ve done this, decide if you need an active or a passive word and an inward word or an outward word. Which word thrills you? Which one feels like a blessed relief? Which feels like a gift? Which word do you want to be your word? Or do you wish the word you feel drawn to was cooler, more hip?

If you’ve got two words and can’t decide, flip a coin. If the word that gives you leaves you feeling disappointed, it’s not your word. If you’ve got more than two, change up the pairings until you find the one that feels most right.

I thought for a while that inspiration should be my word, then I considered healing, and then create/creativity, and community. I thought sanctuary could be it. Someone suggested devotion. I need to work through these words and see what I find. I’d like  to challenge you all to share in this process with me or share if you already have a word. I’ll share mine next week.
Thanks to Susannah Conway at for this process in finding your word of the year.