Make It Happen-2016 Part 2

How is everyone doing? Goal setting? Is it overrated? There are tons and I mean tons of goal setting blog posts and everyone talks about making/creating goals for the New Year. Well, here is my opinion in a nutshell, my .02 worth, take it or leave it!

Goals are only helpful if you do something to work towards completing them. I was cleaning my scrap room today and found my goals I had written out at the beginning of 2015...well I tucked them away not to even lay eyes on them again until what good did that do?

I had every intention of having my goals all ready for public eyes to see...I have to make them all pretty...or they will get tucked away again and I will be in the same boat again next year.

And sometimes goals come out of nowhere in the middle of the year you didn't realize were even going to materialize...and right there you have to stop and do something about it! This past year in March my good friend Kim and her husband found out they were going to move to Ireland in July for 6 months, well when I was lamenting to my hubby how much I was going to miss her so he suggested that I go visit her. WOW! Talk about something I never even thought about happening at the onset of 2015.

So, with that I am deciding to cut myself some slack and quit beating myself up about the lack of progress on my goals for 2015.

With that being said, 2016 is happening and happening right now! My hubby has been on vacation since December 18 and just went back to work today, so needless to say my normal routine was in a total disruption. I spent today getting several things back in order, making several videos I have been meaning to make and doing paperwork for my business. Therefore, the goal setting prettiness did not happen yet, my planner didn't get set up yet, and I did not stop all day! However, I did get this printed out and ready so I can laminate and put in my planner.

So, stay tuned to Part 3 of Make It Happen-2016...I will put it up as a bonus post this week on Thursday. Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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