Make It Happen-2016 (Sleep Mini-Series pt 1)

How well do you sleep? Do you sleep in every morning? Get up at the crack of dawn? Get up at dark-thirty? 

I am going to journey into the land of slumber today and see what I can find out to support my quest for change. Since I really didn't have a plan for today's Make It Happen-2016 post and I decided I am going to get back on track with things starting today; (Lots and lots has happened in my world since the beginning of this year) I am going to begin a mini-series within the big series picture. 

I want to focus on the topic of sleep and how one can change their routine, make-up, habits, whatever you want to call them and make it stick! I have always LOVED my sleep. I love sleeping in and absolutely HATE getting up at the butt crack of dawn. Well, because I truly love my hubby I get up with him when he goes to work and fix his coffee, fix his lunch and spend a bit of time with him before he leaves for the day. But herein is the bad part...when he leaves at 5:50something I head back to bed. Why? Because most of the time I am sluggish, I feel it is just too early to start my day as a SAHW. But, delaying the start of my day means my day is shortened by however long I sleep thus results in less time to get things done before my hubby arrives home from work at 4pm. Cause you see when he walks in that door at 4pm my whole attention turns to him. Dinner is cooking, and I spend the rest of the evening with him.

So, I am on a quest to start researching what, how, and the steps necessary to change my habit of going back to bed and become a morning person. 

I began a tiny bit of research so I will leave you with this snippet I took from this resource
I needed to only focus on a tiny bit of it for the time being so changing the how I wake up part is what I decided. 

So, here are the steps I plan to take the rest of this week....

  1. One of the tips on here is don't lounge...get some jumping jacks or movement in...I will do some stretches and exercises before I rise from the bed and then some further stretches in the bathroom. I will also tidy up the kitchen before sitting on the couch with hubby.
  2. Get Accountable: tell a friend or family member...I will share with my friend Kim my wake up and stay up time each morning
  3. Start Slowly: I will begin my day after hubby leaves for work by immediately making the bed, tidying the bedroom (unless it is cleaning day) and then head to kitchen and make my breakfast therefore, I should be finished with breakfast and my daily chores by 7am.
I am really hoping I can make this happen! I will report next week on Make It Happen-2016 Monday my progress for the rest of this week. 

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