Make It Happen-2016 (Mini Sleep Series-PT II)

So, good morning my friends! Hope this Monday finds you fantastically wonderful! I am here today to give you an update on how my sleep pattern and getting things started earlier is going.

Well, it is going pretty good I would sayof course there is always room for improvement though.
Since I last posted the end of March about this I have averaged going back to bed only once a weekand therefore have increased my productivity.
For instance, this morning I
   Made the bed
Cleaned the kitchen
Made my breakfast (which included baking muffins)
Did two loads of laundry
Straightened and picked up from the weekend
Took a shower

And I did all of this by 8:00 am!

I only have 5 months to be really productive because at the end of this year (mid-November) my whole schedule/pattern will change again when my hubby retires. Looking forward to it but I know it will be a big change.

Here are a couple resources for you about sleep habits and patternsif you struggle like I have in the past I hope you will find them helpfulnext installment of the mini-sleep series will come at the end of June.

A simple, yet helpful articleclick here to read the entire 

A great step by step approach can be found in this article.

Have a fantastic daystart it early!

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