Make It Happen-2016

Note: I wrote a draft of this post and never published it back at the beginning of April, well here it is mid-May and I am just know posting. I am going to go ahead and post this and update within the list below and then add on a list for May.

What a beautiful Monday morning! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I am full of life!  I have totally reset my life. If you will remember I talked about this back in January and how I was going to make some major changes in my life. Well, sometimes life has other plans for you and I had many obstacles that were preventing me from heading on the path I wanted to travel on…well I decided that all that was going to change beginning the month of April . So, I began some serious mind decluttering, list making, kicking into gear mode.
Here is the list of things I plan to accomplish for April:
Get the scraproom painted…and begin to organize and decorate...scraproom was painted, organization has begun to happen.
Get the interior of the house painted…and put back together....this happened and was all finished...YAY!
Begin (again) my daily Scripture writing plan....I did begin this however, as things got moved and packed away for the painting to happen my journal and Bible I use where among the things that got packed away...hopefully I will get back to this 
  Create my list making pages for the month and keep up with listing...unfortunately I have decided this is not something that I can fit into my schedule at this time
Get pictures printed for Tyler’s album and get started!....I HAVE to get started on this!!!
Get retirement folder set up...all is together just need to get it done
a.       Send invoices and place this fact I sent in 7 orders this month!
b.       Mid-month order...done
c.        Tax documentation notebook set up...done, need to update a couple pages
d.       Blog and other items designed...has been paid for...just in the process
  Get one room of the house completely organized and decluttered...still working on...Master Bedroom is almost room will be living room

May least the rest of the month
Finish the decor in the Scrapbook room
Track my meals in my Fitness planner every single week this month.
Exercise at least twice a day 5 days a week.
Get Tyler's photo album completed.
Get Tyler's surprise done
Keep up with my daily schedule,
Order photos for the picture frames around the house.
Order photos for Ireland and Italy album
Business plans for future outlined

So, as you see lots has happened life has been full of ups and downs so far this year. Hoping I can get back on track and on a solid schedule to get things accomplished that need to happen in my world. 

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to care about what is going on with me!

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